Table 2

Inclusion and exclusion criteria for literature search

  • Date of publication: January 1990–June 2015

  • English language

  • Meta-analyses, systematic reviews, RCTs and prospective cohort studies

  • Full text available

  • Articles about brace-free rehabilitation after arthroscopic ACLR with BPTB or HS autograft

  • Articles including information on one of the 9 clinical topics formulated by the experts

  • Narrative reviews, retrospective cohort studies, case studies

  • Articles about non-operative treatment

  • Articles about allograft, synthetic graft or other autograft than BPTB or HS

  • Articles about ACL revision reconstruction

  • Articles with follow-up measurement, but no description of the rehabilitation protocol

  • Articles about operative techniques, timing of the operation or graft choice

  • Articles about bracing after ACLR

  • Articles about skeletally immature patients

  • Animal, cadaveric or in vivo studies

  • ACLR, anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction; BPTB, bone-patellar tendon-bone; HS, hamstring; RCT, randomised controlled trial.