Table 3

Multivariate logistic regression model outputs and receiver operator characteristic curve data using prior HSI, age, BFlh fascicle length and eccentric knee flexor strength

χ2p ValueAUCSensitivity1-specificity
Model 1
 Whole model16.54<0.001*0.7430.77780.352
 Prior HSI4.240.039*
 Fascicle length†9.430.002*
 Prior HSI × fascicle length†0.080.776
Model 2
 Whole model23.48<0.001*0.7770.81480.328
 Fascicle length†10.490.001*
 Age x fascicle length†3.460.062
Model 3
 Whole model11.490.009*0.6870.80770.4857
 Prior HSI2.040.152
 Eccentric strength†6.330.011*
 Prior HSI × eccentric strength†0.030.872
Model 4
 Whole model11.860.007*0.6860.96150.5619
 Eccentric strength†5.050.024*
 Age × eccentric strength†0.000.962
Model 5
 Whole model17.26<0.001*0.7590.88460.3714
 Eccentric strength†4.290.038*
 Fascicle length†7.180.007*
 Eccentric strength† × fascicle length†0.080.783
  • *p<0.05.

  • †Determined as the average of both left and right limb.

  • AUC, area under the curve; BFlh, biceps femoris long head; HSI, hamstring strain injury.