Table 4

Multiple linear regression analyses assessing predictors of total body and lumbar spine bone mass values in the runner (n=51) and non-runner (n=18) athletes

Total body
 BMD Z-score0.45**NS0.14
Lumbar spine
 BMD Z-score0.35*NS0.11
Total body
 BMD Z-score0.74**0.51
Lumbar spine
 BMD Z-score0.75**0.53
  • Multiple linear regression analysis, standardised beta coefficients, *** <0.001, **<0.01, *<0.05.

  • Model also adjusted for history of (1) stress fracture and (2) participation in a ball sport.

  • †Average weekly running mileage over the past year.

  • ‡Adjusted R2.

  • §Non-runner athletes did not report history of stress fracture and were not asked to report running mileage.

  • BMC, bone mineral content; BMD, bone mineral density; FFM, fat-free mass; NS, not significant.