Table 1

Descriptive characteristics among the endurance runner and non-runner athletes

Non-runner athletes (n=18)Endurance runners (n=51)p ValueTotal
Age (y)16.0±0.316.3±0.20.3716.2±0.2
Height (cm)177.3±2.2173.6±1.10.09174.6±1.0
Weight (kg)69.6±3.260.6±1.30.0263.0±1.3
% Expected weight*92.6±2.785.5±1.10.0287.3±1.1
BMI (kg/m2)22.0±0.720.0±0.30.0220.5±0.3
BMI Z-score0.46±0.17−0.39±0.10<0.001−0.17±0.10
Body fat (%)14.3±0.814.2±0.60.9114.2±0.5
Fat mass (kg)10.3±0.98.7±±0.4
FFM (kg)58.3±4.152.1±1.00.1753.7±1.3
Average mileage†14.4±2.0
  • Between-group comparisons evaluated using independent samples t-test (mean±SEM).

  • *Using the Hamwi equation.

  • †Average weekly running mileage over the past year (only evaluated among endurance runners).

  • BMI, body mass index; FFM, fat-free mass.