Table 1

Cut-off values for effect measure modifiers included in the analyses

Scapular controlNormal + SubtleObvious
Rotational strength
 ER:IR ratio dominant arm 0 rotation>0.75≤0.75
 ER:IR ratio dominant arm 30 rotation>0.75≤0.75
Abduction strength
 Difference dom vs non-dom>0.065 N/kg≤0.065 N/kg
Glenohumeral range of motion
 TROM difference dom vs non-dom>−10°≤−10°
 IR difference dom vs non-dom>−7.5°≤−7.5°
 ER difference dom vs non-dom>−10°≤−10°
 Dif IR dom vs non-dom:Dif ER dom vs non-dom≤2.7>2.7
  • Dif, difference; dom, dominant arm; ER, external rotation; IR, internal rotation; N, newton; non-dom, non-dominant arm.