Table 3

Crude analysis of the association between an increase in handball load* and risk of shoulder-related injuries in handball

Exposure group of handball load*InjuriesWeeks at riskHR95% CIp Value
Min to 20%2672611 (ref)
20–60%1125401.220.62 to 2.400.57
>60%1522391.911.00 to 3.700.05
<−2 SD12931.070.32 to 23.180.95
4 weeks1523512.700.13 to 8.580.36
Total6814 684
Test for no difference0.14†
  • *See the text for definition.

  • †–2 SD and 4-week groups not included.

  • –2 SD, weeks in which the 4-week average handball load was below –2 SDs from the mean;

  • 4 weeks, the first 4 weeks of study, increase in handball load calculations not possible.