Table 1

Participants’ characteristics

Sex17 male, 7 female
Age37.8±10.4 years (25–55 years)
Sport21 paracyclists (9× handbike, 8× bicycle, 2× tricycle, 2× tandem);
3 able-bodied tandem pilots
Weekly training volume14.4±1.4 hours
Athlete days20×7×24=3360
Lost training days114 (3.4% of athlete days)
 Because of illness90 (mean 3±3.9 per illness)
 Because of injury24 (mean 1±1.4 per injury)
Time to complete OSTRC-G90.5±20.7 s
Response rate91.5±5.4%
Handicapparaplegia/tetraplegia n=10, limb pathologies n=7,
cerebral impairments n=2, visual impairments n=2
  • OSTRC-G, Oslo Sports Trauma Research Centre German version.