Table 1

Injury rate for concussion per 1000 player-games and per 1000 player-hours in all World Championships (WC) at all skill levels of men (WS), women (WW), juniors under-20 years (WJ U20), WJ U20 A-pool, juniors under-18 years (WJ U18), WJ U18 A-pool, all WW, WW A-pool and WW U18 tournaments

NumberGamesIR per 1000
IR per 1000
All WC16032931.14.0
WS A-pool466501.65.9
WJ U20347251.13.9
WJ U20 A-pool183081.34.9
WJ U18326311.24.2
WJ U18 A-pool182761.55.4
All WW297380.93.9
WW A-pool61850.82.7
WW U18152651.44.7