Table 7

Explanatory models for the use of all three heat stress prevention strategies (ie, training in the heat, planning to use a precooling method and fluid consumption strategy) prior to and during the 2015 IAAF World Championships presented as ORs (95% CI) calculated by simple and multiple logistic regression analyses

95% OR
In-championship use of heat stress prevention strategies
Simple modelsMultiple model
Sex2.61 (1.12 to 6.06) (p=0.026)2.77 (1.14 to 6.68) (p=0.024)
Continent (reference: Europe)p=0.024
 Africa0.46 (0.10 to 2.19) (p=0.331)
 Asia0.28 (0.06 to 1.27) (p=0.099)
 Australia4.45 (0.94 to 21.03) (p=0.060)
 North America1.17 (0.41 to 3.35) (p=0.768)
 South America0.12 (0.02 to 0.93) (p=0.042)
Human Development Index (reference: very high-level countries)
Lower developmental levels (very low-level, low-level, high-level countries)
Event category (reference: speed/power events)
Endurance events
Prechampionships medical support availableNS
Experience of heat-related symptomsNS
Previous EHI diagnosis8.22 (3.20 to 21.16) (p<0.001)8.64 (3.26 to 22.85) (p<0.001)
  • CI, confidence interval; EHI, exertional heat illness; IAAF, International Association of Athletics Federations; OR, odds ratio.