Table 4

Risk indicators for sustaining an in-championship illness presented as ORs (95% CI) calculated by simple and multiple logistic regression analyses (n=307)

 95% OR
In-championship illness
Simple modelsMultiple model
Age1.17 (1.02 to 1.33) (p=0.022)
Continent (reference Europe)NS
 North AmericaNS
 South AmericaNS
Event category (reference speed/power)
Endurance (middle and long distance running, marathon, race walking)
9.88 (1.20 to 81.31) (p=0.033)9.88 (1.20 to 81.31) (p=0.033)
Prechampionships medical support availableNS
Preparticipation health symptoms
 Injury symptoms
  Reduced participationNS
  Severity scoreNS
  Notable duration (>2 days)NS
  Anxiety causedNS
  Expected impact at championshipsNS
 Illness symptoms
  Reduced participationNS
  Severity scoreNA
  Notable duration (>2 days)NS
  Anxiety causedNS
  • NA, not applicable; NS, not significant.