Table 4

Backward stepwise regression in blocks for associations with KOOS Sport/Rec

VariablesAdjusted R2R2coefficient (β)95% CIp Value
KOOS Sport/Rec0.1130.137
Person characteristics0.094<0.001
 Age0.027−0.23(−0.39 to −0.07)0.005
 Sex, female0.058−8.98(−12.89 to −5.07)<0.001
 BMI0.009−0.40(−0.84 to 0.05)0.081
Other findings at arthroscopy0.0430.013
 Irritation/redness−3.50(−10.63 to 3.63)
 Mild synovitis−6.05(−10.85 to −1.25)
 Moderate synovitis−9.00(−15.99 to −2.01)
 Severe synovitis−11.21(−21.04 to −1.39)
ACL rupture0.0010.800
 Partial rupture (non-reconstructed)−3.43(−14.29 to 7.43)
 Total rupture (non-reconstructed)0.38(−9.48 to 10.24)
 Yes1.40(−2.61 to 5.42)
Knee joint laxity (surgeon assessed)0.0100.259
 No laxityReference
 Slight laxity−5.61(−12.98 to 1.76)
 Pronounced laxity−7.48(−20.64 to 5.68)
Model intercept54.9(40.8 to 69.0)
  • Elimination criteria p≤0.10.

  • Stepwise elimination of blocks of independent variables: previous meniscus surgery (p=0.575), cartilage pathology (p=0.407), meniscal pathology (p=0.339).

  • Individual R2 values may not add up to total R2 due to rounding.

  • BMI, body mass index; KOOS, Knee Injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score; Sport/Rec, sport and recreation.