TableĀ 2

Baseline characteristics

Age in years (mean, SD)82116.8 (0.8)
Weight in kg (mean, SD)82478.8 (12.3)
Height in m (mean, SD)8221.78 (0.07)
Age started playing rugby in years (mean, SD)8099.2 (2.6)
Playing position (number backs/number forwards)824387/437
Involved in provincial or national squads (y/n)816147/669
History of at least one previous injury due to rugby (y/n)816552/264
History of previous concussion due to rugby (y/n)815212/603
Regularly wearing shoulder pads (y/n)814252/562
Regularly wearing mouthguard (y/n)814642/172
Regularly wearing head guard (y/n)812259/553
Regularly undertaking weight training (y/n)813688/125
Upper body strength (1RM bench press in kg) (mean, SD)60376.40 (18.30)
Lower body strength (1RM squat in kg) (mean, SD)551107.28 (27.18)
  • 1RM, 1 repetition maximum; y/n=yes/no.