Table 1

Exercise training principles and description of RT components

Principle and definitionCriteria for this review
Specificity: Training should be specific to muscles trained, and be relevant to desired outcomesThe intervention is designed to induce improvements in a primary outcome
Progression: The amount of load or resistance must be increased, providing a greater stress than the body is used to for continuous adaptationThe intervention gradually increased in frequency, sets, reps and/or load over the course of the intervention
Overload: Greater than normal stress must occur for fitness to improveInterventions included baseline testing to determine exercise intensity (ie, 1 RM), or rationale that intervention was of sufficient intensity
Component of RT prescriptionDescription
FrequencyHow many days per week
IntensityEither per cent 1 RM, RPE or RM
TimeDuration of session
SetsHow many sets of each exercise were performed
Repetition rangeWhat was the repetition range for each set
Exercise selectionAn outline of the exercises used for the intervention
  • RM, repetition maximum; RPE, rate of perceived exertion; RT, resistance training.