Table 3

Study characteristics

AuthorCancer typePatient or survivor populationTreatment typesNDuration of intervention (weeks)Outcomes of interestEffects on outcomesPEDro score
Ahmed25BreastSurvivor4524Lymphoedema symptoms, strength↑ strength, ↔ lymphoedema symptoms7
Brown et al53 54BreastSurvivor24352ASMM, strength↔ ASMM, ↑ strength,9
Cormie55BreastSurvivor4312Swelling, symptom severity, QOL, depression, strength, END, ROMNA9
Dolan56BreastPatientChemotherapy242Duration of chemoQOL, fatigue, CRF, strength, BCNA8
Hagstrom23 57BreastPatientChemotherapy242Duration of chemoHB, CRF↑ HB, CRF7
Alberga58BreastSurvivor3916QOL, fatigue, muscle strength, inflammatory markers, BC↑ Fatigue, QOL, strength, inflammatory marker, ↔ BC8
Capozzi59BreastSurvivor5512Aerobic fitness, upper/lower body strength, body composition↑ Upper body strength, ↔ aerobic fitness, body composition, lower body strength
Christensen60 61BreastSurvivor8624QOL, BC, muscle strength↑ QOL, BC and muscle strength: NA8
Courneya62BreastPatientChemotherapy2112Muscle strength, exercise capacity, QOL↑ strength, and QOL, ↓ capacity5
Musanti63BreastSurvivor3324QOL, fatigue↑ QOL, fatigue6
Ohira27BreastPatientChemotherapy9512Fatigue, depression, COG function↔ Fatigue, depression, COG function8
Schmidt64BreastSurvivor7812BC, insulin, ILGF↑ BC, ↔ insulin, ILGF9
Schmidt65BreastSurvivor13452Incident BRCL, muscle strength, BC↑ Strength, ↔ BC, BRCL5
Schmidt5BreastSurvivor2324Bone turnover, BC, strength↔ BC, bone turnover, ↑ strength5
Schmitz22BreastSurvivor23452BIRS, QOL, muscle strength↑ BIRS, QOL and strength9
Schmitz66 67BreastSurvivor10652BMD, BC, strength, physical function, QOL, fatigue↑ Strength, physical function, ↔ BC, BMD, fatigue, QOL6
Simonavice68BreastSurvivor7152BC, BMD, bone turnover↔ BC, BMD, bone turnover6
Speck69BreastSurvivor25852BMD↔ BMD8
Twiss70BreastPatientRadiation7712Fatigue, QOL, depression↑ Fatigue, QOL, ↔ depression8
Yuen71BreastSurvivor22324Muscle strength, dynamic balance↑ Muscle strength and dynamic balance7
Winters-stone9 72 73BreastSurvivor2212Fatigue, aerobic capacity↑ Aerobic capacity, ↔ fatigue, ↔ CRF5
Winters-stone26GastrointestinalPatientChemotherapy2612QOL, strength, CRF↑ QOL, strength5
Winters-stone74Germ cellPatientChemotherapy309Inflammatory cytokines, QOL, BC, blood lipids↑ Blood lipids, ↔ BC and QOL, ↓ inflammatory cytokines9
Steindorf75Head and neckPatientRadiation/chemotherapy3112BC, grip strength, sit-stand, flex, AC, QOL7
Jensen76Head and neckSurvivor3012BC, muscle strength, FP↑ BC, Muscle strength, FP5
Lønbro77Head and neckSurvivor2124BC, Muscle strength, FP↑ BC, Muscle strength, FP5
Lønbro78ProstatePatientRadiation/ADT12124Strength, BC, CRF↑ Strength, ↔ BC, CRF5
Nilsen29ProstatePatientADT5816BC, physical function, QOL↑ Physical function, ↔ QOL, BC7
Nilsen28ProstatePatientRadiation/ADT2316CSA, myonuclei, satellite cells, strength↑ CSA, strength, ↔ myonuclei, strength6
Norris30ProstatePatient3012Strength, physical function, QOL, fatigueNA8
Santa Mina79ProstatePatientADT2624Adiponectin, leptin, IGF-1, aerobic capacity, anthropometrics, grip strength↓ IGF-1, ↔ adiponectin, leptin, aerobic capacity, anthropometrics, grip strength5
Segal80ProstatePatientRadiation/chemotherapy12124QOL, CRF, BC, muscular strength, T, PSA, Hb↑ Strength, Hb, ↔ QOL, CRF, BC, T, PSA8
Segal24ProstatePatientADT15512Fatigue, QOL, BC, muscular fitness↑ Fatigue, QOL, muscular fitness, ↔ BC8
Winters-stone81ProstatePatientNone currently6424BC, muscle strength↑ Muscle strength, ↔ BC8
Winters-stone74 82 83ProstatePatientADT5152BC, insulin, IGF-1, muscle strength, disability↑ BC, muscle strength, disability, insulin, IGF-17
Litterini84MixedPatientChemotherapy/CT5210SPPB, pain, fatigue5
  • ↑: outcomes improved; ↔: no change in outcomes; ↓: outcomes worsened.

  • AC, aerobic capacity; ASMM, appendicular skeletal muscle mass; BC, body composition; BIRS, Body Image Relationship Scale; BMD, bone mineral density; BRCL, breast cancer-related lymphoedema; COG, cognitive; CRF, cancer-related fatigue; CSA, cross-sectional area; END, endurance; FP, functional performance; Hb, haemoglobin; IGF-1, insulin-like growth factor; NA, not applicable: only between groups measured; PSA, prostate-specific antigen; QOL, quality of life; ROM, range of motion; SPPB, short physical performance battery; T, testosterone.