Table 2

Categorisation of studies for subanalyses

AuthorsExercise protocol(Duration 1)(Duration 2)(Exercise type)(Training status)(Exercise mode)(Intermittent)(Study length)(Total amount)
1=0–1 min
2=1–4 min
3=4 min+
1=0–0.5 min
2=0.5–10 min
3=10 min+
1=Isolated limb
2=Whole body
Baguet et al72000 m rowing32212249245
Bellinger et al134 min maximal cycle22211228129.4
Bellinger and Minhan531 km cycling TT22211228179.2
4 km cycling TT32211228179.2
10 km cycling TT33211228179.2
Supramaximal cycle22111228179.2
Carpentier et al54Squat jump11121256313.6
45 CMJ fatigue test22221256313.6
Chung et al55Swimming training22212270268.8
Swimming competition22212270268.8
Chung et al421 hour cycling TT33211242268.8
Cochran et al56Incremental cycle33121242134.4
250 kJ cycle TT33221242134.4
Repeated cycle sprints22221142134.4
del Favero et al46Incremental treadmill test33122284268.8
Treadmill test32122284268.8
Derave et al5Isometric endurance22111236153.6
400 m running12212236153.6
Maximal isokinetic knee extensions11111236153.6
Ghiasvand et al57Incremental cycle test3312124284
Glenn et al58Isokinetic strength—flexion2221122889.6
Isokinetic strength—extension2221122889.6
Hand grip test1111122889.6
Gross et al9Incremental cycle test33121238121.6
Gross et al25CMJ11111235168
90 s box jump test22211235168
Hill et al4CCT110%22121270414.4
Hobson et al402000 m rowing32212235192
Hoffman et al594 km run33222228168
CMJ (×5)11221228168
120 m running sprint11222228168
Hoffman et al602.5 km running sprint33222230180
1 min running sprint12222230180
Repeated 30 m sprints11222130180
50 m casualty carry11222230180
Howe et al614 min maximal cycle22211228127.4
Jagim et al62Run at 115% VO2max22122235196
Run at 140% VO2max22122235196
James et al4120 km cycling TT33211228179.2
Jordan et al63Incremental treadmill test33122228168
Okudan et al643 bouts of 30 s cycling22221128108.8
De Salles Painelli et al47100 m swimming22212228156.8
200 m swimming22212228156.8
De Salles Painelli et al434 bouts of 30 s cycling22211128179.2
Sale et al18CCT110%22121228179.2
Sale et al65Isometric endurance22121228179.2
Saunders et al66LIST22212128179.2
Saunders et al26Yo-Yo IR232112184268.8
Saunders et al675×6 s sprints11221135201.6
Smith et al68Cycle at 110% VO2max22121242189
Smith et al69Incremental treadmill test32122228134.4
Smith-Ryan et al70Run to exhaustion at 110% peak velocity22122228134.4
Run to exhaustion at 100% peak velocity22122228134.4
Run to exhaustion at 90% peak velocity22122228134.4
Smith-Ryan et al71Incremental cycle test33121228179.2
Stout et al72Incremental cycle test33121228108.8
Stout et al73Incremental cycle test33121228156.8
Stout et al27Incremental cycle test33121290216
Tobias et al48Upper-body Wingates22211128179.2
Van Thienen et al74Incremental cycle test33111256182
10 min cycling TT32211256182
30 s cycle sprint11211256182
Walter et al75Incremental cycle test33121242189
Zoeller et al76Incremental cycle test33121228108.8
  • CCT110%, cycling capacity test at 110% Powermax; CMJ, countermovement jump; LIST, Loughborough Intermittent Shuttle Test; TT, time trial; VO2max, maximal oxygen uptake; Yo-Yo IR2, Yo-Yo Intermittent Recovery Test Level 2.