Table 1

Medical subject heading terms and key words used for electronic database searches

Head injury and relevant sports.(Concussion OR concuss* OR brain injuries OR head injuries OR ((head OR brain) AND injur*) OR Post-Concussion Syndrome OR postconcussion* OR Mild traumatic brain injury OR MTBI OR acquired brain injury OR blunt head trauma OR Craniocerebral Trauma OR ((‘mild traumatic’ OR acquired) AND brain injur*)) AND (athletes OR sports OR sport OR sporting OR athleti* OR athlete* OR recreation OR recreat* OR baseball OR bicycling OR boxing OR cycling OR diving OR equestrian OR equine OR football OR Head Protective Devices OR helmet* OR hockey OR lacrosse OR martial arts OR karate OR judo OR tae kwon do OR aikido OR mountaineering OR racquet sports OR rugby OR skating OR skiing OR snow sports OR soccer OR wrestling)
Neuroimaging searchBiomarkers searchGenetics search
Advanced or novel tests(Neuroimaging OR radiological OR neuroradiological OR brain imaging OR Positron-Emission Tomography OR ((PET OR MRI) AND (scan OR scans)) OR Magnetic Resonance Imaging OR ((structural OR Functional) AND MRI) OR spectroscopy OR Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy OR Diffusion Tensor Imaging OR Arterial Spin Labeling OR Electroencephalography OR EEG OR Diagnostic Techniques, Neurological OR Magnetoencephalography OR Fluid-attenuated inversion recovery OR Diagnostic imaging OR Quantitative EEG OR QEEG OR event-related potentials OR ‘event related potential*’ OR ‘evoked potential*’ OR ERP OR scanning OR fMRI OR ‘resting-state’ OR ‘resting state’)(Biomarkers OR biomarker OR neuroendocrine OR pituitary OR hormone* OR cortisol OR hydrocortisone OR gonadal steroid hormones OR growth hormone OR thyroid OR SIADH OR Inappropriate ADH Syndrome OR ((Cerebrospinal OR ‘cerebro spinal’) AND fluid*) OR CSF OR Serum OR urine OR saliva OR neuronal OR glial OR neuroglia OR axonal OR (Marker* AND (immunologic OR laboratory OR clinical OR biochemical OR immune OR immunologic OR biological OR biologic)))(Epigenetic* OR Epigenomics OR ‘copy number’ OR ‘rare variant*’ OR Genetic Variation OR ‘genetic diversit*’ OR genotype OR genogroup* OR genotype* OR genetics OR genetic* OR mitochondria OR mitochond* OR Intracellular signaling peptides and proteins OR Polymorphism, Genetic OR DNA Copy Number Variations OR ‘DNA polymorphism’ OR ‘genotype environment interaction’ OR Polymorphism, Single Nucleotide OR ‘Intracellular signaling’ OR genome OR OR genomics OR genom* OR allele OR allel* OR chromosomes OR chromosom* OR ‘genetic testing’)