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Head injury and relevant sports.
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(‘Brain Injuries’ [MESH] OR brain injur*[text word] OR concussion*[text word] OR postconcuss*[text word] OR commotio cerebri*[text word] OR post traumatic encephalopath*[text word] OR (post commotion[text word] OR post head injury[text word]) AND syndrome*[text word]) OR brain trauma*[text word] OR TBI[text word] OR MTBI[text word]) AND (‘Athletes’[Mesh] OR ‘Sports’[Mesh] OR sports[text word] OR sport[text word] OR sporting[text word] OR athleti*[text word] OR athlete*[text word] OR ‘recreation’[Mesh] OR recreat*[text word] OR baseball[text word] OR bicycling[text word] OR boxing[text word] OR cycling[text word] OR diving[text word] OR equestrian[text word] OR equine[text word] OR football[text word] OR ‘Head Protective Devices’[Mesh] OR helmet*[text word] OR hockey[text word] OR lacrosse[text word] OR martial arts[text word] OR karate[text word] OR judo[text word] OR tae kwon do[text word] OR aikido[text word] OR mountaineering[text word] OR racquet sports[text word] OR tennis[text word] OR rugby[text word] OR skating[text word] OR skiing[text word] OR snow sports[text word] OR soccer[text word] OR wrestling[text word] OR ‘Athletic Injuries’[Mesh))
Exercise tolerance Brain physiology Advanced brain imaging Blood/serum biomarkers Functional assessment of physiology
‘Exercise Tolerance’(Mesh) OR ‘Heart Rate’(Mesh) OR ‘Blood Pressure’(Mesh) OR Exercise tolera*(text word) OR Heart rate*(text word) OR pulse rate*(text word) OR blood pressure*(text word)‘Brain/physiology’(Mesh) OR ‘Brain/physiopathology’(Mesh) OR ‘Cerebrovascular Circulation’(Mesh) OR ‘Electrophysiology’(Mesh) OR ‘Evoked Potentials’(Mesh) OR brain physiolog*(text word) OR brain pathophysiol*(text word) or brain physiopathol*(text word) OR Cerebral Circulation*(text word) OR Cerebrovascular Circulation*(text word) OR Cerebral Blood Flow*(text word) OR electrophysiol*(text word) OR Event-related potential*(text word) OR evoked potential*(text word)‘Magnetic Resonance Imaging’(Mesh) OR ‘Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy’(Mesh) OR ‘Diffusion Tensor Imaging’(Mesh) OR ‘Positron-Emission Tomography’(Mesh) OR ‘Tomography, Emission-Computed, Single-Photon’(Mesh) OR Neuroimaging(MeSH) OR MRI(text word) OR fMRI(text word) OR magnetic resonance imag*(text word) OR neuroimag*(text word) OR DTI(text word) OR Diffusion tensor imag*(text word) OR Diffusion Tractograph*(text word) OR ASL(text word) OR Arterial spin label*(text word) OR positron emission tomograph*(text word) OR PET(text word) OR single-photon emission computed tomograph*(text word) OR SPECT(text word)‘Biomarkers’(Mesh) OR ‘MicroRNAs’(Mesh) OR Biomarker*(text word) OR serum marker*(text word) OR microRNA*(text word) OR miRNA*(text word)‘Eye Movements’(Mesh) OR ‘Vestibular Function Tests’(Mesh) OR ‘Postural Balance’(Mesh) OR Eye Movement*(text word) OR eye track*(text word) OR neuro-ophthamol*(text word) OR vestibular function*(text word) OR balanc*(text word) OR ‘Recovery of Function’(Mesh) OR ((Physiol*(text word) OR pathophysiol*(text word) OR physiopathol*(text word)) AND recover*(text word)))
  • Limits: English language, 1985–present, exclude animal only studies.

  • CBF, cerebral blood flow; DTI, diffusion tensor imaging; ERC, event-related potential; MRS, MS spectroscopy.