TableĀ 3

Generalised estimating equation model including players in the intervention group meeting the a priori criteria of sufficient injury data (n=264)

Shoulder problemSubstantial shoulder problem
Compliance group (sessions/week)nOR(95% CI)p ValueOR(95% CI)p Value
0.1 to 1.0770.49(0.20 to 1.21)0.1250.36(0.16 to 0.82)0.02
1.1 to 2.0880.69(0.27 to 1.75)0.4350.25(0.10 to 0.60)0.002
>2.0830.58(0.22 to 1.52)0.2710.35(0.15 to 0.82)0.02
  • Players reporting zero completed sessions during the season represent the reference group (n=16).