Table 2

Meta-analysis and meta-regression of dropouts in long-term exercise studies

Meta-analysisHeterogeneity I2
AnalysisNumber of study estimatesPrevalence dropout (%)95% CIBetween-group p value
Main analysis drop out all studies1040.3423.31 to 60.0780%
Intervention type0.18
Aerobic553.7727.29 to 78.2878%
Aerobic+resistance training340.5712.68 to 76.2385%
Others213.032.26 to 49.300%
Exercise sessions per week0.31
117.0%0.33% to 64.370%
3538.7015.90 to 67.9782%
≥5451.7021.87 to 80.3784%
Meta-regression analysesNumber of studiesβ95% CIp ValueR2
Mean age90.0766−0.0218 to 0.1750.1270
Percentage of males80.06220.0335 to 0.0908<0.00010.82
Illness duration40.1193−0.0926 to 0.33130.26980.13
Duration of study90.0121−0.0421 to 0.06630.66170
Length of exercise sessions10−0.0368−0.0871 to 0.01360.15220