Table 1

Characteristics of the included trials

TrialPatient population*Duration and exercise modeType of exercise
1. Alemo Munters et al 52, Sweden21 (PM/DM)12 weeks, cardiorespiratoryCycling
2. Alexanderson et al 26, Sweden13 (PM/DM)24 weeks, cardiorespiratory and strengthWalking, strength exercise programme
3. Baillet et al 37, France48 (RA)4 weeks, cardiorespiratory and strengthCycling, running, resisting pulley cord
4. Baslund et al 36, Denmark18 (RA)8 weeks, cardiorespiratoryCycling
5. Daltroy et al 34, USA58 (IRDs)12 weeks, CardiorespiratoryCycling
6. de Jong et al 35 38, The Netherlands281 (RA)2 years, cardiorespiratory and strengthCycling, strength exercise programme
7. Durcan et al 39, Ireland78 (RA)12 weeks, cardiorespiratory and strengthWalking, strength exercise programme
8. Flint-Wagner et al 40, USA22 (RA)16 weeks, strengthStrength exercise programme
9. Häkkinen et al 41, Finland39 (RA)6 months, strengthStrength exercise programme
10. Häkkinen et al 42 43, Finland62 (RA)2 years, strengthStrength exercise programme
11. Hansen et al 31, Denmark75 (RA)2 years, cardiorespiratoryCycling, swimming, walking, running
12. Harkcom et al 32, USA17 (RA)12 weeks, cardiorespiratoryCycling
13. Hsieh et al 49, Taiwan19 (AS)3 months, cardiorespiratory and strengthAerobics, strength exercise programme
14. Jennings et al 50, Brazil70 (AS)12 weeks, cardiorespiratoryWalking
15. Karapolat et al 51, Turkey37 (AS)6 weeks, cardiorespiratorySwimming, walking
16. Komatireddy et al 44, USA42 (RA)12 weeks, strengthStrength exercise programme
17. Lemmey et al 45, United Kingdom28 (RA)24 weeks, strengthStrength exercise programme
18. Melikoglu et al 46, Turkey36 (RA)2 weeks, cardiorespiratoryWalking/running (treadmill)
19. Miossi et al 27, Brazil28 (SLE)3 months, cardiorespiratory and strengthWalking/running (treadmill), strength exercise programme
20. Niedermann et al 28, Switzerland106 (AS)12 weeks, cardiorespiratoryNordic walking
21. Sandstad et al 29, Norway15 (RA/JIA)10 weeks, cardiorespiratoryCycling
22. Sveaas et al 30, Norway24 (axial SpA)12 weeks, cardiorespiratory and strengthWalking/running (treadmill), strength exercise programme
23. Tench et al 33, United Kingdom65 (SLE)12 weeks, cardiorespiratoryMainly walking (cycling, swimming)
24. van den Ende et al 47, The Netherlands50 (RA)12 weeks, cardiorespiratoryCycling, walking, knee bending, step-ups, high pace strength exercises
25. Westby et al 48, Canada21 (RA)12 months, cardiorespiratory and strengthAerobic dance, strength exercise programme
26. Wiesinger et al 53, Austria13 (PM/DM)6 months, cardiorespiratoryCycling, step aerobics
  • *Number of patients included in the results.

  • AS, ankylosing spondylitis; DM, dermatomyositis; EG, exercise group; IRDs, inflammatory rheumatic diseases; JIA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis; PM, polymyositis; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus; SpA, spondyloarthritis.