Table 1

Meta-analysis of effects of exercise on outcomes in AUD in long-term studies

AnalysisNumber of studiesNumber of participantsMeta-analysisPublication bias
SMD95% CIp ValueHeterogeneity
Egger bias and p valueTrim and fill (95% CI) (number of studies trimmed)
Number of standard drinks per day284−0.886−2.38 to 0.610.2483N/AN/A
Number of standard drinks per week392−0.656−1.21 to −0.210.0448−4.3, 0.51−0.16 (−0.88 to 0.55) (2)
AUDIT scores258−0.378−0.94 to 0.180.180N/AN/A
VO231790.5640.11 to 1.010.01462.7, p=0.42Unchanged
Heart rate248−0.649−1.97 to 0.6740.3378N/AN/A
Depression4133−0.867−1.49 to −0.240.006637.58, p=0.23−1.02 (−1.60 to −0.44) (1)
Anxiety374−0.353−0.82 to 0.110.1101.09, p=0.72Unchanged
Self-efficacy3840.366−0.66 to 1.390.48958.4, p=0.18Unchanged
  • AUDIT, Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test; SMD, standardised mean difference, VO2, oxygen uptake.