Table 3

Return to play (RTP) criteria reaching consensus in round 2

RTP criteriaMEANSDCoefficient of variationPercentage agreement
1Perform maximal sprints4.880.336.80100.00
2Complete at least one football-specific field testing session at maximal performance and under fatigue conditions4.650.4910.60100.00
3Perform a progressive running plan with running performance eventually matching preinjury levels4.650.4910.60100.00
4No pain in the muscle4.650.7916.9194.12
5Achieve maximal linear speed4.590.5111.06100.00
6Player’s self-reported feeling of confidence and readiness to RTP4.530.6213.7894.12
7Full hamstring muscle strength as compared with the uninjured side and/or to preinjury benchmark values4.470.6213.9694.12
8Full muscle flexibility, equal to the uninjured side and/or to preinjury benchmark values4.410.5111.50100.00
9Complete at least two full trainings with the team prior to be available for match selection4.240.8319.6388.24
10Reach Global Positioning System (GPS)-based targets of external load, based on player-specific or position-specific match markers, which include number of sprints, accelerations, decelerations, changes of direction, maximal speed, high-speed running distance4.180.8821.1482.35
11Good lumbopelvic motor control4.120.7818.9776.47
12No adverse gait patterns on review with video analysis3.880.7820.1264.71
13Recovery of full aerobic and anaerobic fitness performance3.760.4411.6176.47