Table 1

‘FIFA 11 for Health’ programme: session content and health issues addressed

Session‘Play Football’ activity‘Play Fair’ health messageIssues addressed in session
1Warming upPlay football*Prepare for exercise and sport
2PassingRespect others*Respect and help others, and avoid bullying
3GoalkeepingEat a balanced diet*Eat a full range of food types
4DribblingAvoid drugs, alcohol and tobacco*Avoid developing unhealthy addictions
5ShieldingBe activeWalk, cycle, use the stairs in daily life
6ControllingControl your weight*Control the quantity of food eaten
7DefendingWash your hands*Develop good hygiene practices
8Building fitnessKeep fitUndertake sufficient vigorous exercise
9TrappingDrink waterDrink water and skimmed milk
10ShootingThink positivelyMake friends and have a positive body image
11Team workingFair play*Review all health issues discussed in sessions 1–10
  • *Health message retained from the original ‘FIFA 11 for Health’ programme.