Table 3

A multivariable adjusted model exploring prognostic factors for patient-reported outcomes at 5 years for the early reconstruction plus exercise therapy group

Effect95% CIp ValueEffect95% CIp ValueEffect95% CIp ValueEffect95% CIp Value
Baseline cartilage defect2.5−4.7 to 9.70.49−3.8−14.5 to 6.90.48−3.0−17.4 to 11.30.679.0−4.4 to 22.30.18
Baseline meniscus damage−4.4−11.0 to 2.20.19−6.2−16.0 to 3.60.21−14.4−27.6 to −1.30.03−11.9−24.2 to 0.30.06
Baseline osteochondral lesion−5.4−11.7 to−9.2 to 9.90.94−3.7−16.5 to 9.10.56−12.3−24.2 to −0.40.04
Baseline extension deficit−3.3−9.4 to−7.8 to 10.40.77−5.3−17.5 to 6.90.38−6.1−17.4 to 5.30.29
Graft/contralateral ACL rupture−0.5−9.8 to 8.70.912.6−11.1 to 16.30.70−2.1−20.5 to 16.40.82−2.3−19.5 to 14.80.79
1 non-ACL surgery*−8.0−14.4 to −1.50.02−11.2−20.9 to −1.60.02−15.1−28.0 to −2.10.02−9.8−21.8 to 2.20.11
≥2 non-ACL surgeries*−16.9−27.7 to −6.00.003−24.0−40.2 to −7.80.01−25.8−47.6 to −4.00.02−20.2−40.4 to 0.10.05
SF-36 MCS at baseline0.1−0.1 to 0.20.42−0.1−0.3 to 0.20.67−0.1−0.4 to 0.30.63−0.1−0.4 to 0.20.59
KOOS4 baseline0.20.0 to to to to 1.10.002
Rehabilitation visits0.00.0 to 0.10.310.1−0.1 to 0.20.440.20.0 to−0.1 to 0.30.27
  • *No non-ACL surgeries was used as a reference category in multivariable analysis.

  • Effect (regression coefficient): the estimate of the average change in a KOOS subscale (scores range from 0 (worst) to 100 (best)) that corresponds to a 1-unit change in the prognostic factor (1-unit=1 point on a 0–100 scale for KOOS4 and SF-36 MCS). All estimates are adjusted for sex, age, smoking, education level and preinjury activity level. Crude unadjusted estimates are presented in see online supplementary appendix. Non-ACL surgery: total number of knee surgery events not involving ACL reconstruction or revision. KOOS and SF-36 scores range from 0 (worst) to 100 (best).

  • Statistically significant effects (p<0.05) are highlighted in bold.

  • KOOS4, a mean score from four Knee injury and Osteoarthritis Outcome Score subscales (pain, symptoms, sport/rec and QOL); MCS, Mental Component Score; SF-36, 36-item Short-Form.