Table 1

Outcome data from included prospective cohort studies for: study name; participant number and age range; years of follow-up; serum cholesterol, total fat and saturated fat for CHD-free versus CHD deaths22 24 25 or CHD-free versus development of CHD;4 20 21 and other significant associations found

StudyMen/AgeCHD-free?Follow-up yearsDeaths
Total fat
Sat fat
Other Significant associations with CHD
Western Electric Study211989 (40–55)Y438/13CHD/Non
mean mg/dL
148/152 g/day*
59/59 g/day*
Age of death of father, smoking, coffee, elevated blood pressure
Seven Countries Study4 Note 112 770 (40–59)98%5588/158r=0.76r=0.40*r=0.84Previous MI. NO association found with CHD and activity, smoking or weight
The following data were available to the UK Committee only:
London Bank and Bus study20337 (30–67)Y2051/26Note 2
3-5.6 mmol/l 7 deaths
5.6-6.5 mmmol/l 13 deaths
6.5-8.6 mmol/l 16 deaths
Note 3*
30–39% 18
38–43% 10
41–56% 17
NAAge of participant. Smoking. Higher calorie intake/cereal fibre and lower CHD
Framingham19 24859 (45–64)Y447/14NACHD death/alive
112/114 g/day*
CHD death/alive
46/44 g/day*
Higher calorie intake and lower CHD. Higher alcohol intake and lower CHD
Honolulu19 257272 (45–64)Y6395/78NACHD death/alive
86/87 g/day*
CHD death/alive
32/32 g/day*
Higher calorie intake and lower CHD. Higher starch intake and lower CHD. Higher alcohol intake and lower CHD
Puerto Rico19 228218 (45–64)Y6402/71NACHD death/alive
94/96 g/day*
CHD death/alive
34/36 g/day*
Higher calorie intake and lower CHD. Rural living and lower CHD
Total (6 studies)31 4451521/360
  • Note 1: The Pearson correlation coefficients presented in this row represent 13 cohorts (both Japanese and the Rome railroad cohorts were missing). The coefficients represent the relationship between serum cholesterol, total dietary fat and saturated fat intake for the 13 cohorts and CHD deaths and infarctions. Data for CHD deaths alone were not presented. Data for men without heart disease on entry were not available. The data did not compare fat/cholesterol of those with CHD versus those without. The correlations apply to fat/cholesterol data for cohorts relative to each other.

  • Note 2: Tertiles of cholesterol in mmol/l and number of CHD cases, not deaths, in each tertile.

  • Note 3: Percentage of dietary intake accounted for by total fat and number of CHD cases, not deaths, in each tertile.

  • *Not statistically significant.

  • CHD, coronary heart disease; MI, myocardial infarction; NA, data not available.