Table 2

Studies comparing athletic performance following ACL reconstruction with preinjury performance and control group performance

PopulationPerformance measuresPerformance compared with preinjuryPerformance compared with control group
Soccer (association football)
Erickson et al (2013)23 MLSIndividualNo significant differenceMore shots at goal and assists per season
American football
Carey et al (2006)19 NFL
(RB and WR)
Overall (power rating)Power rating decreasedPower rating decreased
Erickson et al (2014)38 NFL
Overall (passer rating) and individualNo significant differenceNo significant difference
Busfield et al (2009)18 NBAOverall (PER) and individual12/21 players decreased PER
Fewer games per season
Lower shooting percentage
Fewer turnovers conceded
Several other individual measures decreased but not statistically significant
No significant difference
Harris et al (2013)27 NBAOverall (All-Star selection) and individualFewer All-Star selections
Fewer games per season
Fewer points and rebounds per game
Lower shooting percentage
Fewer games per season
Namdari et al (2011)32 WNBAIndividualFewer steals per game
Lower shooting percentage
Several other individual measures decreased but not statistically significant
No significant difference
Ice hockey
Erickson et al (2014)22 NHLIndividualNo significant differenceMore goals and shots at goal per season
Higher shooting percentage
Sikka et al (2016)37 NHLOverall (All-Star selection) and individual3/8 All-Stars reselected as All-Stars
Forwards and wings: fewer games, goals and assists per season
Defenders: improved plus-minus rating
Shorter careers
Forwards and wings: fewer goals and assists per game
Defenders: no significant difference
Snow sports (Alpine skiing, Freestyle skiing and snowboarding)
Erickson et al (2013)24 X-GamesOverall (medals won)More medals wonNo control group
Haida et al (2016)36 French national teamOverall (medals won, FIS points and rankings)More medals won per race
Improved FIS points and rankings
Longer careers but no increase in number of events competed in
Fabricant et al (2015)25 MLBIndividualFewer games per season
Lower batting average if rear knee injured
No control group
  • FIS, International Ski Federation; MLB, Major League Baseball; MLS, Major League Soccer; NBA, National Basketball Association; NFL, National Football League; NHL, National Hockey League; PER, player efficiency rating; QB, quarterbacks; RB, running backs; WNBA, Women’s National Basketball Association; WR, wide receivers.