Table 7

Description of illnesses by impairment type for athletes competing at the Rio 2016 Summer Paralympic Games

Impairment typeTotal number of illnesses
(percentage of total number of illnesses)
Number of athletes with an illnessProportion of ill athletes in each impairment type (%)
All511 (100)454100
Spinal cord injury162 (31.7)14030.8
Limb deficiency (amputation, dysmelia, congenital deformity)118 (23.1)11024.2
Central neurological injury (cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury,
stroke other neurological impairment)
79 (15.5)6714.8
Visual impairment62 (12.1)5812.8
Other31 (6.1)296.4
Unknown6 (1.2)61.3
Intellectual impairment27 (5.3)224.8
Les autres (non-spinal polio myelitis, ankylosis, leg shortening,
joint movement restriction, nerve injury resulting in local paralysis)
13 (2.5)112.4
Short stature13 (2.5)112.4