Table 5

Pooled and stratified factor analysis of aspects of health

PopulationVariableFactor analysisCumulative proportion
Factor 1Factor 2
Pooled factors independent of health statusAge–0.36–0.25
Depression 0.71 –0.20
Anxiety 0.72 0.22
Stress 0.75 –0.13
Dispositional resilience–0.28 0.55
Overall stress0.15 0.64
Overall recovery0.07 0.77
Pittsburgh 0.54 –0.09
Illness-related factors
(sports incapacity)
Depression0.34 0.61
Anxiety 0.74 0.31
Stress0.40 0.62
Dispositional resilience0.18–0.46
Overall stress 0.78 –0.23
Overall recovery 0.75 –0.50
Sport-related stress 0.54 –0.25
Sport-related recovery0.37–0.37
  • Bold represent significant components of the factor; depression, anxiety and stress as measured by the DASS-21; dispositional resilience as measured by the DRS; overall stress and overall recovery as measured by the Recovery-Stress Questionnaire (52-item); Epworth, Epworth Daytime Sleepiness Scale; Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index; Travel, the number of travel occasions (any location) in the last month (any mode, any country). A negative factor loading indicates a negative direction of the relationship, for example, an increase in age was associated with a lower rate of illness.

  • DASS-21, Depression, Anxiety and Stress Questionnaire; LEAF-Q, Low Energy Availability in Females Questionnaire.