Table 4

Incidence of illness in the precompetition and competition periods for athletes competing at the Rio 2016 Summer Paralympic Games

PeriodTotal number of illnesses
(percentage of total number of illnesses)
Number of athletes with
an illness
Total number
of athletes competing
Total number
of athlete days
Proportion of athletes with
an illness (%)
Illness incidence rate: number
of illnesses/1000 athlete days
(95% CI)
All511 (100)454365751 19812.410.0 (9.2 to 10.9)
Precompetition105 (20.5)100365710 9712.79.6 (7.9 to 11.6)
Competition406 (79.5)369365740 22710.110.1 (9.2 to 11.1)