Table 6

Incidence of injury by onset for athletes competing in the precompetition and competition periods of the Rio 2016 Summer Paralympic Games

Type of injuryTotal number of injuries (percentage of total number of injuries)Number of athletes with an injuryProportion of athletes with an injury (%)Injury incidence rate: number of injuries/1000 athlete days (95% CI)
All510 (100%)44112.110.0 (9.1 to 10.9)
Acute traumatic injury264 (51.8%)2416.65.2 (4.6 to 5.8)*
Acute on chronic injury70 (13.7%)641.81.4 (1.1 to 1.7)
Chronic overuse injury176 (34.5%)1664.53.4 (3.0 o 4.0)
  • *Significantly higher than acute on chronic and chronic injuries (p<0.001).