Table 3

Monthly prevalence recorded 3 months before the Olympics (April–May 2016)

Symptom categoryDefinitionResponsesPrevalence (%)
Upper respiratoryAny symptoms617146
Sports incapacity58395
Number of days
 Full (n=59)4.4±4.697*
 Mod (n=20)0.9±1.633*
 No (n=17)0.7±1.428*
Bodily achesAny symptoms2610620
Sports incapacity26196
Number of days
 Full (n=25)6.5±5.696*
 Mod (n=5)0.5±1.019*
 No (n=4)0.3±0.915*
GastrointestinalAny symptoms2810421
Sports incapacity22679
Number of days
 Full (n=22)4.1±6.479*
 Mod (n=6)0.4±0.821*
 No (n=9)0.7±1.232*
HeadAny symptoms3110132
Sports incapacity27487
Number of days
 Full (n=27)2.4±2.087*
 Mod (n=8)0.4±0.826*
 No (n=7)0.3±0.723*
ChestAny symptoms101227.6
Sports incapacity100100
Number of days
 Full (n=10)6.8±7.2100*
 Mod (n=3)0.5±1.030*
 No (n=3)0.5±0.830*
FatigueAny symptoms488436
Sports incapacity45394
Number of days
 Full (n=45)7.1±6.394*
 Mod (n=8)0.6±1.517*
 No (n=2)0.2±0.942*
EyeAny symptoms101227.6
Sports incapacity8280
Number of days
 Full (n=8)2.9±2.580*
 Mod (n=1)0.1±0.310*
 No (n=0)0±00.0*
Other illnessAny symptoms21321.5
Sports incapacity20100
Number of days
 Full (n=1)0.5±0.750*
 Mod (n=2)3.0±2.8100*
 No (n=1)1.5±2.150*
InjuryNumber of injuries
Sports incapacity3110124
Medical attention577543
Medical treatments1.9±3.5
  •  *Note this is the prevalence among those with symptoms.

  • Number of days with symptoms expressed as mean±SD. Type of training: Mod, modified training due to symptoms; No, no training due to symptoms; Full, full training with symptoms.