Table 1

Key facts

Admission criteria
  • Qualified medical doctors, physiotherapists, osteopaths or podiatrists with ≥1 year clinical experience

  • English language proficiency

  • Relevant CV

Fees and fundingUK/EU resident: MSc £8650; PgDip £5850; PgCert £2950; standalone modules £800;
Non-UK/EU resident: MSc £16 900, PgDip £11 300, PgCert £5700
There are a number of different funding opportunities—please see the website for more information
Duration and intensityFull-time (MSc): 1 year
Part-time: PgCert 1 year; PgDip 2 years; MSc 2–4 years
Delivery methodFace-to-face learning at Mile End Campus, QMUL
Clinical visits across the South East of England
Start datesSeptember
Recommended work loadPer module (15 credits): 30 contact hours
Overall: 120 hours of student effort per 15 credits
MSc 180 credits, PGDip 120 credits, PGCert 60 credits
Student feedbackCourse evaluation is completed through the universities central, eight question, questionnaire, with scores given for each question between 5 and 1 (5=definitely agree, 1=definitely disagree). Across all taught modules, answering the question: (1) The modules are well taught?: mean (SD)=4.2 (0.6); (2) The criteria used in marking on the module have been made clear in advance?: mean (SD)=3.7 (0.9); (3) I have been given adequate feedback during the module?: mean (SD)=3.8 (0.9); (4) I have received sufficient advice and support with my studies on the module?: mean (SD)=4 (0.8); (5) The module is well organised and runs smoothly?: mean (SD)=4 (0.8); (6) I had access to good learning resources for the module?: mean (SD)=3.9 (0.9); (7) The use of QMplus has made an appropriate contribution to this module?: mean (SD)=4 (1); (8) Overall I am satisfied with the quality of the module?: mean (SD)=4.1 (0.8).
Students testimonials for the course can be found on the website
  • PgCert, Postgraduate Certificate; PgDip, Postgraduate Diploma.