Table 2

Differences between participants who provided outcome data (n=772) at 6 weeks and 6 months and those who did not (n=258)

Prognostic factorProvided full outcome dataMean (SD)OR95% CIp Value
AgeNo48.73 (15.02)
Yes58.92 (13.79)1.061.04 to 1.07<0.001
Pain self-efficacyNo41.00 (13.50)
Yes44.84 (12.54)1.021.01 to 1.040.001
Number of appointments attendedNo4.15 (2.81)
Yes5.01 (2.74)1.111.04 to 1.18<0.001
Number of non-attendancesNo0.80 (1.06)
Yes0.45 (0.99)0.830.71 to 0.970.018
Most strenuous weekly exercise*No exercise (no=16, yes=11)0
 Mild exercise (no=24, yes=36)1.961.12 to 3.410.019
Moderate exercise (no=30, yes=33)1.891.09 to 3.280.023
Strenuous exercise (no=30, yes=20)1.720.96 to 3.130.069
Course of Physiotherapy completedNo61%
Yes87%3.062.09 to 4.49<0.001
  • OR presented for participants who provided full outcome data compared to those not providing full outcome data. no, did not provide full outcome data at both follow up points. yes, provided full outcome data at both follow up points.

  • *‘No exercise’ is the reference category for the analysis of ORs for the most strenuous weekly exercise.