Table 2

Prescribed exercises from higher levels of evidence (CEBM I–IV) included in the systematic review

Exercise Cha et al De Mey et al Lee et al Merolla et al Merolla et al Osteras et al
Upper extremity exercise90°
Forward flexion in side lyingxx
Prone extensionxxxx
Prone horizontal abductionxx
Prone horizontal abduction at 90°/elbow flexion 90° (full external rotation)xx
Row at 0° abductionx
Row at 90° abductionxx
Scapular punchingxx
Side lying external rotationxx
Standing external rotation at 90° abductionx
Standing internal rotation at 90° abductionx
Upper extremity exercise >90°
Military pressx
Prone horizontal abduction (full external rotation, 100° abduction)x
Scapular punchingx
Upper extremity exercise—closed chain
Closed chain (sling) internal rotationx
Closed chain (sling) external rotationx
Closed chain (sling) shoulder extensionx
Closed chain (sling) shoulder flexionx
Floor push-upsx
Upper extremity exercise—unspecified
External horizontal abductionx
Internal horizontal abductionx
Horizontal abductionx
External rotationx
Internal rotationx
Elbow extensionx
Elbow flexionx
Forward flexionx
Scaption with external rotationx
Scaption with internal rotationx
Shoulder abductionx
Shoulder rowingx
Straight arm pressx
  • CEBM, Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine.