Table 3

Subgroup analyses for studies reporting sedentary time outcomes

95% CIs Heterogeneity within subgroups
Subgroup*Number of studiesMean difference (min/day)LowerUpperZp Valueχ2I2 (%)p Value
Duration of intervention
 Short (<6 months)4−20.71−44.733.321.690.09132.7098<0.00001
 Long (≥6 months)3−10.97−22.600.671.850.0617.00880.0002
Behaviours targeted
 Targeted PA alone3−31.90−56.88−6.922.500.0168.1597<0.00001
 Targeted PA and SB4−6.22−12.780.351.860.0612.65760.005
Sedentary cut point
 Low cut point†3−5.74−13.952.461.370.178.23760.02
 High cut point‡4−29.54−52.89−6.192.480.01134.8598<0.00001
  • *Subgroup analyses for behaviours age and setting not performed for sedentary time outcomes due to lack of variability in studies.

  • †Low cut points included Evenson sedentary cut point: ≤15 counts/15 s, Pfeiffer sedentary cut point: <38 counts/15 s, and De Bock sedentary cut points: boys <46 counts/15 s.

  • ‡High cut point included Sirard sedentary cut points: 3 years ≤301 counts/15 s, 4 years ≤363 counts/15 s, 5 years ≤398 counts/15 s.

  • PA, physical activity; SB, sedentary behaviour.