Table 2

Hazard Ratios (HR) between injuries following a concussion versus following a non-concussion injury split up by body region

Body areaHR (95% CI)Fit p value
Head and neck1.34 (1.06 to 1.70)0.028
Upper limb (arm and shoulder)1.59 (1.19 to 2.12)0.009
Abdomen, chest and back1.42 (0.80 to 2.55)0.021
Pelvic region (buttock and groin)2.07 (1.18 to 3.65)0.034
Knee and upper leg1.12 (0.90 to 1.39)0.636
Lower limb (ankle, foot and lower leg)1.60 (1.21 to 2.10)0.006
  • Rows in bold indicate both a significant HR and that the model fit was significant to 95% confidence.