Table 1

Diagnostic accuracy of clinical examination and MRI in intra-articular knee disorders (adapted from Kocher et al 27)

DiagnosisSensitivity (%)Specificity (%)Positive predictive value (%)Negative predictive value (%)
Clinical examinationMRIP valueClinical examinationMRIP valueClinical examinationMRIClinical examinationMRI
ACL tear81.375.00.5590.694.10.3949.058.697.897.1
Medial meniscus tear62.179.30.1580.792.00.0314.534.397.698.8
Lateral meniscus tear50.066.70.2489.282.80.2134.
  • Clinical examination was patient history, physical examination and X-rays performed by a paediatric orthopaedic sports medicine specialist or a postresidency paediatric sports medicine fellow.