Losing fat mass†
From increased dietary sources or supplemental isolated proteins
Enhances fat mass loss and promotes retention of lean massMeta-analyses confirm small but significant effects of greater dietary protein in weight loss to enhance fat mass loss and promote lean mass retention.164 165
PyruvateNo dataSmall to trivial effect166
ChromiumPotentiates biological actions of insulinNo effect167
Green tea (polyphenol catechins and caffeine)Thermogenic agent and/or lipolytic enhancing agentSmall to trivial effect168
α-Lipoic acidNo clear role, but possible antioxidantSmall to trivial effect169
Conjugated linolenic acidChanges membrane fluidity favouring enhanced fat oxidationSmall to trivial effect170
Konjac fibre (glucomannan)Water-soluble polysaccharide—dietary fibreSmall to trivial effect171
Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acidsNo clear role, but possible appetite suppression, improved blood flow and/or modulator of gene expressionSmall to trivial effect172
ChitosanLipid-binding agent to reduce lipid absorptionSmall to trivial effect173
  • *In combination with a progressive resistance exercise programmes.

  • †In combination with an exercise-induced and/or diet-induced energy deficit.