Table 1

Total injuries and injury IR by event, and course segment during the Para alpine skiing events of the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games

EventCourse segment
Upper part of course (IR 15.9)Lower part of course (IR 10.2)Finish area (IR 4.4)
Downhill (21 injuries, IR 39.7)13/8 DNF5/3 DNF3/1 DNF
Super G (7 injuries, IR 7.3)3/2 DNF2/2 DNF2/2 DNF
Combined (6 injuries, IR 7.4)3/1 DNF21
Giant slalom (4 injuries, IR 2.9)2/1 DNF2/1 DNF
Slalom (8 injuries, IR 6.0)4/2 DNF4/1 DNF
  • DNF, did not finish; IR, injury rate (injuries/1000 athlete-days).