Table 1

Vision: KW tests for injury burden, incidence of severe injuries, attendance at training and availability for matches across low, moderate and high groups

Moderate (n=20)High
p Value
Injury burden*147.999.5108.10.091
Incidence of severe injuries†
Attendance at training (%)81.685.284.00.143
Availability for matches (%)86.887.787.50.261
  • *Number of severe injuries (causing more than 28 days of absence from training and matches) per 1000 hours of exposure ((Σ severe injuries/Σ hours of exposure) × 1000).

  • †Number of days of absence per 1000 hours of exposure (Σ days of absence/Σ hours of exposure × 1000).

  • KW, Kruskal-Wallis.