Table 4

Meta-regression analysis: %VO2max dose (adjusted model*)

Outcomen%VO2max dose
β95% CIP
Body mass23−0.0051−0.0228 to 0.01260.574
BMI14−0.0073−0.0362 to 0.02160.620
Body fat14−0.00800.0318 to 0.01570.506
WC80.0180−0.0338 to 0.06980.496
WHR50.0316−0.0357 to 0.09890.357
SBP19−0.0197−0.0409 to 0.00150.068
DBP17−0.0235−0.0433 to −0.00370.020
TC190.0032−0.0193 to 0.02570.781
HDL-C18−0.0027−0.0252 to 0.01970.812
LDL-C190.0017−0.0223 to 0.02560.892
TG180.0068−0.0158 to 0.02940.555
FG8−0.0252−0.0570 to 0.00660.120
VO2max 240.0161−0.0019 to 0.03420.080
  • *Adjusted for age.

  • β, linear regression coefficient; BMI body mass index (kg/m2); DBP, diastolic blood pressure; FG, fasting glucose (mmol/L); HDL-C, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (mmol/L); LDL-C, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (mmol/L); n, number of comparisons; SBP, systolic blood pressure (mm Hg); TC, total cholesterol (mmol/L); TG, triglycerides (mmol/L); VO2max, maximal oxygen uptake (mL/(kg·min); WC, waist circumference (cm); WHR, waist-to-hip ratio.