Table 4

Checklist: essential information for healthcare professionals during referral of patients with lateral ankle sprain

Medical disciplineDiagnostic phaseAcute treatment phaseGuidance phase
General for each healthcare professionalTime of accident
Trauma mechanism
Age, weight, profession, hobby
Man, woman
Ability to walk after trauma
Therapy until visit
Concomitant symptoms and damage
(Differential) diagnosis
Time schedule and treatment plan
Advise follow-up visit
Duration of rest
When normal weight bearing allowed
What to do with deviant drift of symptoms
Result of treatment
Advise on activities of daily living and sports participation
Recommendations to prevent recurrence
Emergency physicianThrombosis prophylaxis yes/no?Not involved in the guidance phase
RadiologistFracture yes/no
Concomitant pathology
Not involved in treatment plan
Not involved in the guidance phase
Orthopaedic and trauma surgeonFracture yes/no
Treatment options
Thrombosis prophylaxis yes/no?
Sports physician, general practitionerThrombosis prophylaxis yes/no?Advise follow-up visit
Sports masseur, physical therapistTherapy
Advise follow-up visit
Medical officer, insurance medical officer, rehabilitation physicianTime schedule and treatment plan/result
Advise follow-up visit
Reintegration protocol