Table 1

Workplace Challenge programme components

Programme componentDescriptionDelivered byDelivery methodFrequencyKey behaviour change techniques
Activity logEmployees record their sport, physical activities and active travel.CSP NetworkWebsite/smartphone appOngoing
  • Prompt goal setting

  • Prompt intention formation

  • Provide feedback on performance

  • Prompt self-monitoring

  • Prompt review of goals

National activity logging challengesInterworkplace sporting challenges. Leader boards provide competition element.
CSP NetworkWebsite/smartphone app2–3 annually
  • Prompt goal setting

  • Peer support

  • Provide feedback on performance

  • Provide opportunities for social comparison

  • Provide general encouragement

Local activities/challengesWorkplaces invited to participate in range of team events/challenges.CSPs/
National Governing Bodies for Sport
Competitions/events for workplaces in local areaDelivered at regular intervals
  • Provide instruction

  • Prompt practice

  • Relapse prevention

ChampionsChampions identified to receive training and support to make physical activity a sustainable part of their workplace culture.CSP Network/British Heart Foundation Health at WorkFace-to-face or online webinarDelivered at regular intervals
  • Model/demonstrate behaviour

  • Plan social support/change

  • Provide general encouragement

  • CSP Network, County Sports Partnership Network; CSPs, County Sports Partnerships.