Table 1

Anthropometry, lifestyle and health factors

All (n=605)Female (n=244)Male (n=361)P values
 Age, years63.613.359.012.266.713.1 <0.001
 Height, cm175.010.2175.510.4175.410.20.91
 Weight, kg75.915.377.016.875.114.10.14
 Body mass index, kg/m2 24.83.723. <0.001
 Body mass index in 20s, kg/m2 22.72.921.62.523.43.0 <0.001
Lifestyle factors
 Age when starting to compete*, years19. 0.006
 Age when ceasing to compete*, years28.26.427.57.328.65.80.08
 Duration of competition career*, years9.
 Duration of retirement period, years35.214.231.914.137.413.9 <0.001
 Retired from sport due to injury, %19.023.416.1 0.03
 Any current disease, %65.159.868.7 0.03
 Any current medication, %46.343.448.30.26
Health factors
 Physician-diagnosed osteoarthritis at any joint, %27.425.728.60.50
 Pain at any joint (most days of the last month), %65.868.964.00.25
 Hip arthroplasty, % 0.02
 Knee arthroplasty, %
  • The p values represent comparison between male and female retired athletes, using unpaired t-test or χ2analysis. Statistically significant differences are highlighted in bold.

  • *National/International: data are presented as mean with 95% CI, or as proportions (%).