Table 1

Quality ratings of included systematic reviews, evaluated using AMSTAR

Systematic reviewScore per AMSTAR itemTotal scoreQualitySearch date
 Alba-Martín et al 15 000000100001LowNot reported
 Santos et al 16 0CA0000100001LowSeptember 2014
Combined interventions
 Espí-López et al 20 0CA0000100001LowDecember 2014
Taping and bracing
 Logan et al 24 000000000000LowApril 2015
 Smith et al 22 111111111009HighJune 2015
 Chang et al 23 000000101103LowJanuary 2014
  • High quality: total score ≥7; low quality: total score ≤3.

  • Scoring: 0, no; 1, yes.

  • AMSTAR, Assessment of Multiple Systematic Reviews; CA, cannot assess; i, a priori design; ii, duplicate study selection and data extraction; iii comprehensive literature search; iv, search for grey literature; ix, methods to combine study findings appropriate; v, list of studies included and excluded provided; vi, characteristics of included studies provided; vii, scientific quality assessed; viii, scientific quality used to formulate conclusions; x, publication bias assessed; xi, conflict of interest.