Table 3

Multivariate model of return to pivoting sport and knee OA at the 15-year follow-up (n=164)

Dependent variablesSymptomatic OA (KL≥2)Radiographic OA (KL≥2)
Independent variablesOR95% CIP valuesOR95% CIP values
Returned to pivoting sport (n = 85)0.280.09 to 0.890.0310.400.17 to 0.980.045
Age1.060.99 to 1.130.0741.101.04 to 1.170.001
Sex1.230.42 to 3.660.6981.970.79 to 4.920.147
Combined injury up to 15  years13.41.7 to 1070.0087.492.29 to 24.50.001
Self-reported knee function at 6  months*1.030.99 to 1.060.1261.040.99 to 1.070.056
Time between injury and surgery, months0.990.99 to 1.000.7251.000.99 to 1.010.679
  • Covariates in the multivariate model were age, sex, combined injury, self-reported knee function, and time between injury and surgery. Reference groups: not returning to pivoting sport; women, having isolated injury.

  • *Cincinnati Knee Score (0–100).

  • KL, Kellgren and Lawrence; OA, osteoarthritis.