Table 2

PEDro quality ratings for included RCTs

StudyScore per PEDro itemTotal scoreQuality
 Bolgla et al 17 110100001014Moderate
 Sahin et al 19 010100010115Moderate
Combined interventions
 Banan Khojaste et al 21 010100000114Moderate
Taping and bracing
 Kurt et al 25 010110110117High
 Petersen et al 26 110000010013Low
Adjunctive interventions
 Behrangrad and Kamali29 111000011116Moderate
 Esculier et al 18 111000011116Moderate
 Giles et al 28 111110111119High
 Espī-López et al 27 111100011117High
 Orscelik and Yildiz31 000000000112Low
 Roper et al 30 010000011115Moderate
 Telles et al 32 110000000113Low
  • High quality: total score ≥7; moderate quality: total score 4–6; low quality: total score ≤3.

  • Scoring: 0, no or unable to determine; 1, yes.

  • *Item does not contribute to total score.

  • i, eligibility criteria; ii, random allocation; iii, concealed allocation; iv, baseline comparability; ix, intention-to-treat analysis; PEDro, Physiotherapy Evidence Database; RCTs, randomised controlled trials; v, blind subjects; vi, blind therapists; vii, blind assessors; viii, adequate follow-up; x, between-group comparisons; xi, point estimates and variability.