Table 1

Return to pivoting sport data from the 15-year follow-up (n=210)

n (%)
Returned to pivoting sports
 Yes109 (52)
 No101 (48)
If yes (n=109)
Type of pivoting sport?
 Handball31 (29)
 Soccer59 (54)
 Basketball8 (7)
 Other ball games10 (9)
Did you return to the same activity level of pivoting sport?
 No39 (36)
 Yes56 (51)
 Missing/unknown14 (13)
If no (n=101)
Why did you not return to pivoting sport?
 Due to symptoms from the ACLR knee60 (59)
 Other reasons than the ACLR knee41 (41)
Returned to other activities?(n = 40)
 Alpine skiing*31
  • *15 subjects returned to both a pivoting sport and alpine skiing and are categorised as pivoting sport.

  • ACLR, ACL reconstruction.