Table 2

Absolute and relative contraindications to physical activity during pregnancy

Absolute contraindicationsRelative contraindications
  •  Ruptured membranes, premature labour.

  • Recurrent pregnancy loss.

  •  Unexplained persistent vaginal bleeding.

  • History of spontaneous preterm birth.

  •  Placenta praevia after 28 weeks’ gestation.

  • Gestational hypertension.

  •  Pre-eclampsia.

  • Symptomatic anaemia.

  •  Incompetent cervix.

  • Malnutrition.

  •  Intrauterine growth restriction.

  • Eating disorder.

  •  High-order multiple pregnancy (eg, triplets)

  • Twin pregnancy after the 28th week.

  •  Uncontrolled type I diabetes, uncontrolled hypertension or uncontrolled thyroid disease.

  • Mild/moderate cardiovascular or respiratory disease.

  •  Other serious cardiovascular, respiratory or systemic disorder.

  • Other significant medical conditions.