Table 1

A framework for building a golf and health consensus

Domain 1: golf’s associations with health and mechanismsDomain 2: correlates, determinants, diversity and sustainabilityDomain 3: interventions/knowledge transfer
a. Relationship of golf with health outcomes
What are the health benefits/disbenefits of golf?
b. Mechanisms to achieve health outcomes
How are these benefits developed by golf?
c. Dose and effect
What is the intensity and/or volume of golf needed for health benefits?
a. Behavioural patterns
Who plays golf? How much do they play golf?
b. Correlators and mediators
What helps or hinders participation?
c. Golf and sustainability
Impact on sustainability/UNSDG
a. Development and testing
What works to promote golf?
b. Actions for golfers
How do we maximise health benefits and minimise health risk for golfers?
c. Actions for golf industry/facilities
What actions can industry/facilities take to benefit health through golf?
d. Actions for policymakers/decision makers
What actions can policymakers/decision makers take to benefit health through golf?
  • UNSDG, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.